• Natural phenomena

    Deichmann/Disney’s Planes TVC | 3deutig

    (particle fx / fluids / clouds / smoke trails)

  • Commercials

    FX TD for Mainframe ltd on Trident

    (particles, fluids, dynamic)

  • Videogame cinematics

    Lighting TD for Renkewitz Studios on Dead Rising 3 XBOX One TV Spot


  • Visual Effects for movies

    freelance Shading TD for Pixomondo on “2012″

    (custom procedural natural shaders snow/rocks/ice)


living on my little cloud


I’m a freelance lighting TD and FX TD, (many times I work as Generalist 3D artist if needed), for films, videogame cinematics, commercials and other many other products related to 3D cgi. I’m a self-taught artist, I began working with 3D tools near 20 years ago, and I had the opportunity to make a lot of different experiences with various rules, (supervisor, TD, company owner, etc etc), and working on a lot of projects for many clients.
I have partecipated in different projects as teaching in CG schools and recently for Gnomon School and as resident instructor at CGCookie Inc, doing a lot of training videos with 3ds max for lighting and FXs.I’ve the honour to be a 3ds max beta tester since years, and I’m happy to contribute testing other products too. When I’ve time I love to develop 3D tools as Natural:shaders and r|shaders.Here I present part of my past work and I hope to have time to show some r&d techniques I’m working on.My main skills are : lighting/shading, rendering (mental ray, iRay, VRay, Final Render), particles, fluids, dynamic/demolition, natural phenomena simulation, fluid simulation (liquids, fire, smoke, dust, explosion), look development.

Curriculum Vitae 2013


Research & development projects


How to reach me

If you need to reach me for job inquiries or any kind of information, you can use this form or you can find me on these social networks.